War Helmet Auctions

Why do people hunt for vintage war helmets from the bloody wars of the past? I'm sure there are plenty of reasons, but one of the main reasons is that a small helmet that survived a war can tell so much about the war and history. War helmets are treasures from our history.

The single best place to find a vintage war helmet from WWI, WWI, Korean War, and Vietnam War is eBay. It provides the largest marketplace for war helmets. To make your search easier, I've organized the eBay auction listings on this website so you don't have to.

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Most Popular War Helmets Sold on Previous Auctions

German WWII Wehrmacht M40 Helmet

This was a 3 tone (sand, red/brown, green) camouflage helmet with breadbag strap. It was missing the chinstrap and the liner was damaged.

Final Price : US$1,400
Shipping : US$42

Japanese WWII Special Naval Landing Forces Helmet

This was a genuine type 90 Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces helmet with great liner.

Final Price : US$1,250
Shipping : Free

Japanese WWII Army Helmet

This was a 64 years old original Japanese helmet with rare original camouflage net attached.

Final Price : US$865
Shipping : US$20

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